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The Blount United Soccer Club

Required forms you will need for the season as well as tourniment registration.


  1: Permission to Roster :  CLICK HERE FOR COPY :  You will need to collect this up from the parents in the first week and turn in to the registrar.  This is mandatory to get a players card.  If a player does not have a card they can not play.

  2:  Concussion Form :  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY :  Even though a parent has filled this out online it is good to have a copy in the team book.

  3:  Cardiac Arrest Form :  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY :  Again another for they fill out at registration but you should keep a copy for tournament registration may require it.

  4:  Medical Release Form:  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY :  Needed for all tournaments.

  5:  Parent Code of Conduct :  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY :  We expect every parent and player to represent the club in a proffesional manner.

  6.  Birth Certificate :  A COPY PLEASE DO NOT TAKE A ORIGINAL :  Please make sure this document is behind another page for privacy.  This may be required to present on the field to a referee if a age chalange happens during a game.

  7.  New this season is the Abuse Prevention Policy as mandated by a new Federal Law.  We have adopted the State policy and will need to be reviewed by every parent.  Please turn in a signed roster by all parents after they have reviewed the policy.  CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THAT POLICY.

  As soon as you get all your paperwork it is a great idea to scan them into a electronic format.  Most of the tournaments allow you to upload the forms and you can skip sign in.  

Field Status

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Vulcan Park (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 1 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 2 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 3 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 4 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 5 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)

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Field 6 (12:38 PM | 08/03/18)